Granny Games

Granny games will set you up against a mad old woman who kills everyone setting foot in her house. You have just five days to get out otherwise she will catch and eat you. To do that, you have to unlock the front door that requires finding all the keys and instruments. They are scattered somewhere in the house, start searching right now!
Just remember that Granny won't be just dosing in her rocking chair waiting for you to do it. She will be roaming the house, looking into rooms and listening out to every little sound. She hears very well, so don't make a lot of noise. If you behave yourself incautiously, she will appear on the doorstep swishing her heavy weapon. And before you know it you'll be knocked unconscious. When you come to your senses, you will be upstairs and will have to start everything over. And you will be one day short.
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