Granny 3

Granny 3 is a continuation of the popular horror game about a mad old lady. Here you need to find your way out of her creepy house without attracting her attention. Your search will include elements of stealth, puzzle solving and even fighting if you manage to put together a weapon that can be used to fend off the antagonist. Let's begin!

Who is Granny?

Granny is a horrible old woman who has been living in her decrepit abandoned house for many years. Loneliness has turned her into a real monster and she started to hate the entire mankind. The old lady is armed with a big club that she is ready to use on anyone who appears near her house. You were unlucky to get lost in the woods where it stands. But when you knocked at the door, you weren't expecting to be knocked unconscious and locked in the attic! Now you have just five days to leave this place or Granny will kill you… and have you for dinner! Yes, in addition to her outstanding cruelty, she is also a man-eater. And if you don't want to end up on her plate, you'd better watch out!

How to run away?

Once you come up to the front door hoping to get out, you'll discover that it's safely locked and you can't seem to pick the lock without finding the key. Besides, the door is boarded, so you'll also have to remove the bars somehow. All this sends you on a search for various objects and tools that can be used for this purpose. Some of them can be lying right under your very nose, for others you'll have to rummage through the drawers or cabinets.

Just remember not to make a lot of noise! Granny has very good hearing and she will run to the slightest sound, be it squeaking floor or a knocked over vase. Then you'll have to look for a place to hide, but even that is no guarantee that Granny won't find you there. If that happens, you'll wake up upstairs again and will have to start over. Overall, you have five attempts to escape her cursed house. Don't waste them!

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