This is a continuation of the exciting story with Granny.  It is a real survival horror in a closed space. This is a new release of a fascinating horror story that will not leave anyone indifferent. Granny and Grendpa moved into a newly acquired old mansion with high and strong walls. The house is protected to the maximum. Try to get out of a new place.
Why is this game so popular?
Thanks to the incredibly terrifying adventure, everyone is excited about games with Granny. Everyone is surprised by the main opponent, this is the worst grandmother. You need to use your mind and logic to the maximum in order to get out and remain undetected. Try to survive in the mysterious house and find a way to get out of it by solving different puzzles. Get out of the building using various methods. In addition, the game has attractive graphics, incredible detail and design. And also here is very easy control, so you do not have to put a lot of effort.  Start playing now and see for yourself.
What are waiting for you? 
You are trapped in the scary house of Granny and Genpa. The old people give you five days in this house. If by the end of the last day you still can't escape, then... First you have to get out of a small closed room to explore the whole house. The buildings are well fortified and protected, so it's not so easy to get out of it. In addition, Granny will arrange a real hunt with weapons if he finds out that you are trying to escape. Remember that Grandma can hear well, so move around the house as quietly as possible. The old woman also has scary helpers who will attack you if you make even the slightest noise.  
Explore the house, collect clues and complete various challenging tasks along the way. Utilize all the items you find to defeat the old people. On your way there will be many difficulties and obstacles, such as traps and traps, but do not stop.  Be careful, attentive and look around, because something or someone may be hiding right behind your back. If you hear that someone is coming, immediately hide in the closet or crept up. Find the secret key to the exit. Show your cunning, dexterity and intelligence to outwit and trick the old woman.

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