Survival Games

Survival games are a great opportunity to test your abilities and survival skills in various unpredictable situations. Basically, these are complicated and versatile simulators where the player has to take control of the character and try to stay alive in difficult conditions. You always have to fight for your life by yourself and rely solely on your own strength. Nobody will help you here and some of the people you will meet can even turn out to be your enemies. There are plenty of dangers awaiting you, some of them mortal, and only your will and ingenuity will help you get out of all the troubles unharmed. Are you ready for such a trial? Then let's begin!

Stay alive in the wilderness

There are various scenarios of survival games to any taste. You can set out into the wilderness and see if you can lead a safe and comfortable existence far away from civilization. Such games take you either to a deserted island where you end up after a shipwreck or to the snow-covered tundra or to any other place where you are limited in your means of sustaining yourself and have to work hard to cover your basic necessities. These are hunger, thirst and temperature mode. If you don't take care of food or water supplies, you may end up weak and dehydrated and your vital parameters will start to drop. The same concerns cold - in the freezing night, it's important to find a shelter and build a fire or you may not wake up. Add the risk of dying in the paws of wild animals - and you get a full picture of survival hardships! Luckily, you are not totally helpless. Most of the games have an element of crafting allowing you to create various things and weapons to ensure your safety. 

Survive in a zombie-sieged city

Another type of survival games puts you in an even more extreme setting where you have to actively fight for your life. For instance, you find yourself in the middle of a zombie apocalypse and need to survive among a crowd of a walking dead attacking you in waves. Here you have no time to sit around and think, you have to act quickly and take rapid decisions. Your gun is your best friend and you need to keep it fully loaded if you don't want to run out of bullets in the most critical moment. Between the attacks, you will also be able to scavenge the ruins of an empty city for resources and fortify your camp. Choose a survival game that you like and start a thrilling adventure, the only way you can find out what you are really capable of!
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