Burger & Frights

There are two types of people. The first one always plays it safe and never does a risky thing. The other seems to be drawn to all sorts of adventures, even if they can get them in trouble. And while a person of the first type will never leave the safety of their house in the middle of the night if not for some really serious reason, the main character of this game is ready to hop on his bike and ride through a pitch black forest just because he is craving burgers.

So, you're rolling down an empty road, and on both sides of you stand dark trees that are swaying their branches mysteriously as if whispering something to you. There is not a soul around, you seem to be all alone. And naturally there are no lanterns in the forest, so your path is only illuminated by your own shaky headlight. That means you see only what gets into its range and the rest remains unclear to you. Which is scary enough on its own. 

That's also where most of the screamers in the game stem from. A second ago you seemed to be riding in complete solitude, but once you turn the beam a bit sideways, you saw some sort of a human silhouette in it. Upon getting closer, you noticed that it's not really human, but rather zombie-like. Time to push on those pedals and get away from here as fast as you can!

The dangers waiting for you on the road will remain visions only as long as you stay on the move. If you slow down or stop, if you fall from your bike or it overturns, the wicked creatures from the forest will snatch you and the level will be over. You'll have to start from the very beginning. But now you'll be more experienced, knowing that you shouldn't lose your head and that retaining full control of your bike is vital for surviving in this game! Play Burger & Frights online and see if you can deal with a night trip through this cursed forest!


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