Yandere Simulator Games

Yandere Simulator will put you in the role of a Japanese schoolgirl who is in love with one of her classmates. The problem is that he is quite popular and many of other girls want to be with him. They will all try to grab his attention, and your goal is to make sure he doesn't end up dating any of them. Even if it means doing something drastic!
The gameplay includes walking around the campus, talking to other characters and doing certain actions that may have different consequences. Your choices will affect the further development of events, so you have to weigh your decisions very carefully. Your heroine is not a simple girl - she has that dark side and she can get very angry. Aside from thwarting your rivals in standard ways, you can even resort to killing!
The latter can be rather risky though, because somebody may see you. And if your beloved finds out that you are capable of something like that, he surely won't be so happy to date you. So even if you decide to kill somebody, you must keep your eyes peeled and do it in places where nobody will see you. And remember that it's not the only way to resolve a difficult situations - there are multiple methods you can use, you just have to figure out how to do it.
Do you think you will be able to win the heart of the guy you're dreaming of? Play Yandere Simulator online, make the right choices, eliminate your competitors in any way necessary and find a path that will lead you to the desired outcome!
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