Toca Life Games

Toca Life is a simulator of life in the virtual world where you can enjoy a wide range of activities and create your own character that will look just as you customize their appearance. Creating different plots and funny stories with your favorite characters in any part of the city is what you are going to do here.
There are plenty of options and available actions awaiting you. Do you like to experiment and do unexpected things? Please. Everything is possible here - send your brother to a prison cell, neutralize an infant gang intent on dominating the town. And this is just the beginning, there is still a lot of fun waiting for you. Do you dream of taking a cat to school, seeing a sloth at the rink? Or maybe you enjoy watching a doctor at a salon get her hair dyed bright green? Decide what to do and where to send whom. 
Act, and you will see how interesting adventures and tasks can be, and many different characters will help you with this. Here you won't have to get bored and play one thing, because there are regular updates. Thanks to new locations, characters, various funny adventures in apartments, restaurants, kindergartens, public places, shops and schools, you will definitely have your hands full. Love to laugh and have fun experimenting with your characters? Then our great Toca Life games are prefect for you! Travel this bright amazing world and create your own stories!
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