Talking Angela Games

Talking Angela games will get you acquainted with a cute cat called Angela who will become your virtual pet. You have to raise her from a little kitten taking care of her and fulfilling her needs. Angela lives in a beautiful house that has four rooms. Each is designed for a certain kind of activity that you will definitely enjoy in her company!
First of all, your heroine needs to eat well, take care of her hygiene and get a good sleep to stay full of energy. All this can be done in respective rooms. In the kitchen, you can prepare tasty and healthy food. In the bathroom, you can take a hot bubble bath - and Angela won't be scratching her way out of it! In fact, she enjoys getting clean and combing her fur. You can even do her makeup at her night table where you will find all the necessary cosmetics! And don't forget to look into her wardrobe. Angela loves changing clothes and there can never be too many outfits there. As you perform daily tasks and gain points, you will be able to buy more amazing stuff for her to wear. There are plenty of skirts, blouses, T-shirts, dresses, jeans and also a good deal of costumes. Finally, there is a playroom where you can enjoy a wide range of mini-games that will allow you to earn even more coins. And when Angela is tired, it's time for her to go to bed. Have a great time together with your new friend and see Angela grow from a small kitten into a beautiful charming cat!
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