Stickman Games

Are you bored living without your daily adrenaline rush? Dreaming of an active and exciting pastime, incredible adventures and the opportunity to show what you are capable of? Then welcome to Stickman games! The main character of these virtual entertainments is a charming and restless guy named Stickman. And despite the fact that he is drawn on paper, and instead of arms and legs he has thin sticks, he considers himself the most desperate and lucky in the world, and therefore, without hesitation, rushes into any mischief. Together with him you will visit the most unusual places, participate in races and fights, perform incredible stunts and show the wonders of parkour, rob a bank and escape from prison. There are enough things to do here for long hours!
Addictive action and variety of entertainment Stickman games are versatile and fun. There is no room for boredom. You don't have to understand complex control schemes, delve into the details of an intricate plot and generally face any troubles. Everything is extremely simple and hilarious. You can focus on the action and just enjoy the process. Unpretentious graphics and dynamic gameplay are addictive from the first seconds. Completing levels and participating in matches doesn't take much time, so you decide how long to play on your own - it can be five minutes during a break at work or a whole free evening that you want to spend playing your favorite arcade. There will be no shortage of adventures, Stickman never sits still. Today he will call you to explore the city and deal with the bad guys, and tomorrow he himself will go to jail and you will need to get him out of there by solving puzzles. There is always a lot of hassle with this character! The more Stickmen - the more fun! But the best part is that Stickman games can be played with friends. Many games support multiplayer, allowing you to compete against real players on the other side of the screen. And this is much more interesting than fighting against a computer program. After all, the actions of a living person cannot be predicted and calculated, which means that the effect of surprise increases. In the company of other Stickmen you will be able to run the streets, ride motorcycles and take part in mass carnages in which only one winner remains. This is just a short list of what is waiting for you. Waste no time, join Stickman in his crazy adventures and get positive emotions every day!
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