Squid Games

You have a perfect chance to look inside the Squid Game show that gained insane popularity around the globe in no time. Moreover, you can become one of those players who agreed to risk their life in exchange for a cash prize. Even if it may sound as an innocent competition, the reality is totally different.
You will participate in a deadly challenge where only one incorrect action may end fatally for you. So are you ready to put everything at stake? According to the rules, players must reach the finish line within a certain time. But it is not a continuous run and not only speed matters in this adventure. You can move only when it is allowed. And it is possible only when the greed light is on. The very moment it changed for the red color, you must stop. Another stressful factor is the continuous feeling of danger and fear. You will play with many other participants, and whenever someone missteps he is immediately shot. All of you are closely watched by armed soldiers that mercilessly do their job without delay. Their appearance is really frightening – they are dressed in red suits with their faces totally covered. And the worst this is that once you get started, you cannot leave the playground. Now you have only two options – win or die. So do all in your power to concentrate on you to reach the robot doll that is waiting for you in the other end of the location. Be very attentive as there is only one chance here. Test your luck now!
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