Sims Games

Sims is probably the best known simulator of life where you can realize your dreams and create a virtual identity. It all starts with customizing your characters. You can define almost every aspect of their appearance - gender, age, skin color, hair, clothes, come up with names and define character traits. Then it's time to start living your new life!
Having created a single hero or a whole family, you must settle them in a house or on a plot where the house will be built. The start-up capital is not that great, so be sure to get your Sims to work. As the game progresses, the characters will be able to develop various skills, meet neighbors, have parties... The player will have to take care of meeting their needs. This is real life, so Sims regularly need to eat, take a bath, go to the bathroom, sleep and, of course, have fun! 
In general, they will live their usual lives: grow up, get old, work and have fun, make acquaintances and start a family, raise children, furnish a house and a garden plot. The process looks realistic, there are many controls and settings. For the convenience of gamers, the developers have created several modes. 
In "Live Mode" you control and observe Sims. You can decide what to do with his characters, but it is important to take into account their own desires. In Build and Buy modes, the gameplay is paused. They are needed to build a house, ennoble the site, equip the interior. Start enjoying Sims online right now!
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