Shooting Games

Long ago, kids enjoyed playing cowboys and pirates running after each other in the street and shooting plastic guns. Today the tastes of the young audience have changed and many little snipers have moved into the virtual world where they can get no less fascinating shooting experience with realistic graphics and tough opponents. If you are a fan of guns, too, you definitely need to check out this category of our site where we have collected both good old and totally new shooters worth your attention!

Show your shooting skills!

Why are shooting gamers so popular? There are plenty of reasons for that. First of all, they are incredibly thrilling. It's so exciting to creep through the battlefield, hide on the roofs and behind the fallen trees, lock your target feeling the tension on the tips of your fingers and pool the trigger just in time for the bullet to hit the very spot you were aiming at! There is always a possibility that someone will shoot you first, so adrenaline never stops coursing through your veins. Besides, to successfully complete all the missions or remain a single winner on the map, you need to show excellent shooting skills. It's not so easy to get the hang of your weapon, to choose the right distance and angle and to calculate everything correctly. Many games have realistic physics that also needs to be taken into account. A lot depends on the type of weapon you're using because their characteristics may vary widely. Some guns are better for close-range fights, others are great for sniping. And lastly, they give you a great chance to prove that you are better than other players! Only the most agile, patient and accurate sniper will win the contest. And striving for victory is in our blood!

Snipers, zombies, royal battles and more!

What kinds of shooting games are there to select from? Quite a lot! You can become a super agent and go on thrilling assignments or work as a killer eliminating your victims quietly and effectively. Are you a zombie fan? Then you will enjoy fighting off crowds of the walking dead firing at them from different weapons. Amazing military shooters will let you feel the heat of the battlefield in a lifelike environment while such genre as battle royale will test your survival skills against dozens of players in real time. Check out our fantastic shooting games online, immerse yourself in the gripping world of crazy shootouts and see if you can live long enough to fire another bullet!
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