Red Ball Games

Red Ball is a vibrant and exciting arcade about the adventures of a jolly red ball who needs to overcome various obstacles and pass challenging levels. He also has to fight black villain cubes that are trying to enslave the magical world. In some versions, you will be saving your friends captured by them.
The developers have made sure that rescuing the world is a very difficult task. The ball has to overcome many hurdles, avoid collisions with enemies and even fight powerful bosses. Get ready to jump at a certain moment. Define the direction with your left hand, and press with your right at the time of the jump so that the ball can surprise the enemies with the accuracy of his actions. Without it, he will never cope with his mission. Remember to pick up speed to push off a slope or wall. It is also worth pushing pieces of walls onto squares that will wait for their opportunity to knock the ball off the right path.
Stars are an important part of the gameplay necessary for further advancement around the world. If in the process of passing you don't collect a sufficient number of stars, you will not be able to get to the next level. Very often you will have to jump quite high for the precious "currency". For each star you will receive a certain number of points, the total number of which is displayed in the upper corner of the screen. Play Red Ball online and see if you can deal with all the obstacles and set a new record!
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