Raft Games

Raft is a survival game in which you have to stay alive after a shipwreck and build a raft that will take you on a fascinating journey across the sea expanses. The game includes a system of crafting that will allow you to create a wide range of objects necessary for obtaining food, fresh water, protecting yourself from marine predators and living with comfort.
At the beginning, you appear in the middle of the ocean on a small wooden raft, absolutely without anything, no matches, no slippers, no panties. All you have to do is not to die in the first minutes and try to live as long as possible under the scorching, exhausting sun. Death can come either from hunger, or from the sharp teeth of a shark that will constantly circle around your raft, from time to time bite into it and, if possible, tear off a piece. In no case should you be in the water for a long time, otherwise the shark will eat you and you will start from the moment where you were last preserved. 
So how can you provide yourself with all the necessary stuff? With a hook on a rope, you can catch the materials you need as they float past your raft. Without it, you can catch things from the raft or jump into the water and swim towards them yourself. Later on, you will be able to craft a spear, water purifier, oven and other useful things. Very soon, your raft will turn into a whole floating house! Enjoy the gameplay and have a good time!
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