Pop It Games

Pop It games are virtual versions of the physical anti-stress toy that has become quite popular recently. It is claimed to have a relaxing effect on your psyche and can be used as a way to calm down when you're having a stressful day or just want to take a break from your daily matters.
The essence is simple and easy to understand - you just have to pop up colorful dimples on the screen. They go off with the same sound as the real thing, and you can also set up the game to provide a sensory feedback aka vibrating under your fingers. So you see, it's much like the actual thing, only you can carry it around everywhere in your smartphone and access it with just a few taps!
The rules of Pop It games can be different depending on the mode you choose. You can simply enjoy popping up the multicolored circles trying to get as many points as possible. The colors you have to press will be shown on the screen. Or you can try and see how many dimples you'll be able to explode in a limited amount of time. You can also compete against your friends or random people.
In the process, you can unlock and collect various Pop Its coming in a great diversity of shapes. These can be anything from simple forms like flowers or stars to complex outlines and silhouettes of recognizable characters. The games will also be good for the most little players - they will help the kids develop fine motor skills and attentiveness. Have fun!
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