I Am Fish

These four fish have been living happily in a pet store for years. Until one day the owner gave them some GMO bread that made them super smart. Then they figured out how pitiful their life actually was. And decided to run away into the ocean. That's what you are going to do playing I Am Fish. But note that your journey will be full of difficulties and threats. You will have to make your way through the whole city jumping from one reservoir with water into another. Are you ready to begin?

At first, you will be able to play only as the goldfish. Your goal is to roll out of the window in your round aquarium by pushing and splashing inside. Note that falling right on the ground may get your bowl cracked, so you have to think about making your landing a bit softer. Perhaps there is a flower bed that can mitigate the hit or even a pool where you can jump? Decisions like this will constitute most of the gameplay, because I Am Fish is not just a game about avoiding dangers, but also solving puzzles.

Later on, there will also be other characters available to you. Pufferfish, for instance, can turn into a ball and roll along surfaces. Piranha can bite its enemies. And flying fish can hover in the air and overcome distances this way. The most interesting level is the final where you need to switch between all four fish using their special abilities to deal with all the challenges.

There are also various achievements in the game and collectibles in the form of bread crumbs. Sometimes you'll have to get to some hard-to-reach places to pick them up, but they will open bonus levels with even bigger rewards. The game also has several difficulty modes and more complicated control schemes if you decide that it's too easy. Enjoy I Am Fish online and see if you can make your way to the ocean!

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