FNF Character Test Playground Remake 6

We present to your attention one of the newest playgrounds FNF Character Test Playground Remake 6. This is a mega-popular mod that is winning the hearts of more and more fans every day. Do you already know how interesting it is to play this application and what sea of emotions awaits you?

However, only in FNF Character Test Playground Remake 6, you will be able to thoroughly test every hero of this game beloved by millions. At the same time, not only classic characters will be presented here, for example, such as Girlfriend or Boyfriend but also the girl's evil dad. There is also the data of all other rivals at your service that you could meet in previous versions of the game for all the time that it has existed. 

It is here that you have a great opportunity to get to know each of them personally and learn literally everything about them. Down to the smallest details. If before you just watched them from the side, now you can play any of them and, at the same time, learn how they behave to a particular rhythm or melody. And I this way, to find out all their strengths and weaknesses, so that later, with ease, defeat them in battle. Naturally, this will greatly enhance your gaming experience and you have every chance of being a winner under any circumstances!

There is one more interesting and at the same time pleasant innovation. Here you can slightly modify the image of the characters, changing the color of their hair, putting on new outfits, and, in principle, changing their image. You can be sure that thanks to this feature, each of your creations will be unique and in a class by itself. Have fun to the fullest and do not deny yourself anything!


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