Poppy Playtime

This building looks abandoned, no one has been around for a long time, the machines that once set the factory's mechanisms in motion do not work. But something is clearly not right here. Locals say that sometimes the light comes on by itself, an incomprehensible noise is heard and, as if silhouettes flicker in the windows. You have always been attracted by everything inexplicable, you are curious by nature, and so you decided to go to the old factory to see for yourself what was happening there.

Your journey in Poppy Playtime online begins without delay. You will enter the territory of the plant, inside there will be various equipment, all sorts of things. Many years have passed since the factory was closed and much has fallen into decay. So do not be surprised if boxes and parts of toys are scattered in the rooms, and a rusty turnstile is blocking your entrance. By the way, there is a trick to open doors in the game.

In one of the halls you will find a very useful device. It is a backpack with a pair of lengthening arms that can be manipulated. You can stretch your mechanical arm to any length and reach any lever, even if it is near the ceiling or you cannot reach it for some other reason. This thing will be useful to you in a variety of situations, and there will be no shortage of them! After all, it won't take long before a huge blue plush monster starts hunting for you.

But you just came in and you can't leave the factory without any finds. So do not be intimidated by the toy that comes to life, but be on the lookout. Don't let them get too close or catch you off guard. Of course, you cannot predict their next appearance, sometimes they will scare you, suddenly materializing right in front of you. But this is a horror game and without the screamers it would not be so exciting! Explore the entire factory playing Poppy Playtime online and find out what happened here in the distant past!

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