Hill Climb Racing Games

Hill Climb Racing is a driving simulator that will take you on a crazy journey through a wide variety of levels.  Your goal is to get as far as possible on each of the tracks. Your attempt is interrupted if you roll over on the roof, or run out of gasoline. Overcoming various marks, you go further and further. For each mark you get bonus money, for which you can open additional levels and various types of transport. You also get money for performing different stunts while driving and just collect them along the road.
There are a lot of tracks in the game. When you start, only Countryside is available to you. Further, for the coins you earn, you open more. All tracks are well designed and correspond to the name. In the Forest there will be a huge number of trees, on the Roller coaster you will go along the route of a train (as in an amusement park), on the Moon the gravity is 6 times less than on the ground, in Mud Cauldron there are a lot of mud puddles.
In terms of transport, the choice is even greater. The game begins with one open Jeep car. Then you can open the Cross Motorcycle, Tractor, Hippie Van, ATV, Bus, and even Children's Express. And that's about a half. Each vehicle has its own characteristics. Jeep overcomes pits more easily, but a sports car is faster. Choose your favorite type of transport, hop behind the wheel and see if you can deal with all the challenges and obstacles waiting for you in Hill Climb Racing games!
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