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GTA is a famous gangster saga where you have to take up the role of a criminal who has a long way to go in the big dangerous city. The heroes are always people with a difficult fate, emigrants and guys from dysfunctional black neighborhoods who have no choice but to go into crime to make money.


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So how can you live in such a world? Everything is quite simple and complicated at the same time. You will have to start with stealing wheelbarrows, and then move on to robbing jewelry, and then whole banks. Then there will be a war with other criminal gangs and all the other delights of such a life. 
GTA is called the most popular series in the gaming industry for a reason - each new part is a project on a huge scale. The main distinguishing feature of GTA is a completely open virtual world, which is often represented by a huge metropolis and suburb. You can move not only on foot, but also on bicycles, as well as on cars - the number of models reaches more than a hundred, and each one differs in appearance and characteristics. 
There is also a large arsenal of weapons and firearms, as well as explosives, which must be used during combat missions. The police are watching your actions, so try not to make noise and take out weapons only as a last resort. Plenty of exciting missions and additional tasks that plunge you into the atmosphere of a crime-ridden city where you have to survive, become famous and rich!
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