Gacha Life Games

Gacha Life is a fascinating simulator of life where you can create your own avatar and enjoy the immense opportunities of this bright virtual world. There is a broad selection of mini-games and quests, an ability to shoot your own short movies and of course a chance to meet new friends!
The game starts by customizing your hero. You can make him or her look just like you want. Every possible skin color, eye shade and hair style is waiting for you in the menu. You can also try on various clothes and see how they fit together. It takes time to choose the perfect outfit because there are so many options available, but the result is worth it! After all, there are so many people playing Gacha Life, and you surely want to stand out from the crowd.
What next? Go out into the open and have fun! You can play one of the numerous mini-games to earn some money that can be spent on unlocking new accessories and items for your hero. There you can also communicate with other players in the chat. There are social relationships in the game. You can add someone to your friend list or even start dating the person you like. It's much more fun to play Gacha Life games together, discussing everything that is happening and joining forces to complete various quests! Plunge into this colorful and enchanting world, enjoy its vast possibilities and take a break from your daily routine!
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