Friday Night Funkin Games

Friday Night Funkin is a game where you can enjoy great tunes and play along to them! You'll be given the role of a young guy who wants to impress his girlfriend by performing well on stage. To defeat your numerous opponents, you have to hit the buttons in time with the rhythm and gain the required number of points doing that.
The story of our character starts when he falls in love with a girl whose father is a rockstar. He is a very strict man who doesn't want his only daughter to date just anybody and wants to find a decent guy for her. You realize that the only way to impress him and gain his sympathy is to demonstrate extraordinary talent for music. And that's what you need to do in FNF! 
Your rivals will be different heroes, some from other games, some just recognizable characters like Ronald McDonald. Each competition will include three rounds during which the melodies you are going to sing to will be changing. So prepare for a lot of rhythmic alternations and be ready to adjust! On the screen, you will see arrows that correspond to the buttons you need to press. You task is to do it on time and try not to make too many mistakes. Every right move will bring you points that will be added up. If you earn more than your opponent by the end of the match, you win.   And hopefully you'll get permission to see your beloved one! Plunge into the fascinating world of music and enjoy Friday Night Funkin online!
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