Fighting Games

Fighting games will give you the opportunity to test your agility and martial skills against various opponents in gripping virtual combats. You'll be battling ninjas and superheroes on spectacular arenas, participating in boxing matches, hitting the streets cruising for a bruising… One thing for sure - these games are great to blow off steam and get your portion of adrenaline!
If you love fighting and enjoy victory, this section is just right for you! Here you can try on the role of a mighty warrior who knows various tricks and moves and can use them aptly against any opponent. Every character here is unique, with their own collection of skills and abilities. Some fighting games include the option of playing against real people which is much more interesting than combating the AI. The more you win the higher your rating will be and you'll move quickly up the leaderboards. 
Other fighting games will send you to complete riveting missions. You'll have to fight your way through a crowd of enemies that are well-armed and outnumber you. To defeat them all, you have to show good reaction and a lot of courage. You'll be able to battle hand-to-hand or use different weapons. Some of the characters also have supernatural powers that they can use in the process. As you move through the assignments, you'll be leveling up and unlocking new skills for your hero. Discover the amazing world of fighting games, play them online alone or with friends and choose your peculiar battle style!
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