CS: GO Games

CS: GO is a team shooter where you need to perform a certain task on a map playing either on the side of special forces or terrorists. The former have to prevent the latter from holding hostages or exploding a bomb. The fights run on various maps that different in terrains and strategic covers.
To win, it's important to distribute powers within the team - some will be launching an open attacks, others will be covering the flanks and some will be using the whole situations to get into the enemy's back. You surely need a lot of tactical skills to figure out how to play this game.
Just like in any other shooter, you can expect to find a lot of guns here. The arsenal is huge - you can discover pistols, shotguns, machine guns, sniper rifles and so on. It's better to get the hang of all these weapons because you won't always have a chance to buy your favorite set of firearms. 
To make the chances of all teams equal, the system uses an algorithm that chooses opponents based on their ranks. It increases as you get to the next level. To do it, you need to earn experience that directly depends on the number of fights you've already been in. 
In total, there are 18 levels. The higher your level is the bigger is your authority. Besides, each upgrade includes some sort of a gift, either a graffiti or skin. This way, you can make yourself stand out in the crowd. Enjoy CS: GO games online on our site and see if you can complete all the operations!
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