Arcade Games

Arcade games are deliberately simple and unpretentious, but that doesn't mean you don't need any skills to play them! Here you have to demonstrate good reflexes and agility to pass all the levels, collect all the bonuses and earn a maximum number of points in the end.
This genre is probably the oldest, it was named after the first machines where you could play them several decades ago. Some of them haven't changed every since - for instance, the famous Pac-Man. Many have been redesigned and ported to modern devices. And new arcades were also born in the process - they take up a huge share of the gaming market. 
Playing arcades is easy and fun. The rules are simple to understand and don't require a lot of thinking. Most of the times you just have to run through levels, or jump between platforms, or control a ball overcoming obstacles, or shoot at the cubes that are descending on you from the top of the screen. These games are also great for mobile devices because they have simple controls and basic graphics that doesn't imply any high system requirements.
What makes arcades so great is that you can play them for any amount of time - either five minutes or a whole evening. They don't force you to sit at the computer for hours, you can just launch the game, pass a few levels and leave. They are ideal for relaxing after a stressful day or whiling away time in some dull situation. Try our great arcade games online and discover the world of simple fun!
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