Among Us Games

If you are an active gamer aware of all the new and interesting titles that appear on the market, we bet that you couldn’t miss an amazing Among Us. This game is one of a kind – a unique social challenge for you and your buddies. When you enter any of Among Us games, you get a role – an astronaut or an impostor. There are two options and two ways to play the game regarding the role you play. Let’s discuss!
Let’s imagine that you are an astronaut. What does it mean? In general, you are a good guy, an engineer, researcher, and decision maker. The task of every astronaut is to keep the ship in order and prepare it for an epic cosmic flight. However, there is another must-do thing – you are hunted by the impostors, so try not to get into their paws. The problem is that you have no idea who are these impostors and when will they get you. They are hiding knives in their pockets, so be ready that they will try to stay alone with you in a room and then, when nobody can see you, these monsters will stab you with a knife! If you are lucky to play for an impostor, your mission is to kill all the astronauts without showing yourself. Stay careful, silent, and do your best not to get noticed. Break the equipment and kill everyone! 
This section includes all the existing Among Us games. Some of them choose the role for you randomly, the others allow you to play for an impostor or betrayer against PC. There are cool mods, skins, and interesting maps to discover - hurry up and get them all! And we will upload more, so stay tuned!
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