2 Player Games

What makes a cool game even cooler? We know the answer: a 2-players’ mode! When you enjoy the game on your own, it might be super-interesting. However, everything becomes even greater when you share it with a pall. There are so many entertainments you can enjoy together! And have prepared an amazing collection of them for you. Guess what? They are all free, high-rated, and divers. This means that endless fun is guaranteed.
As a rule, games for two can be divided into two categories: cooperative and competitive. These are two basic types of interaction. In this section, you will find numerous games from both categories. For example, competitive ones will put you in the battlefield, where you will struggle with your buddy. He/she will become your enemy for a while, so do your best! Whether you prefer fighting on fists or sitting in tanks, well, you are welcome to try both options. Also, there are competitive games for speed, where you have to run or ride to the finish and hit the line before your opponent does the same. 
When it comes to cooperation, you may play for the character with different skills and special properties, trying to deal with the same task as a team. Let’s say, you are moving through the levels filled with obstacles and one of you is able to pass though obstacles of one type, while another one can deal with something else. Dealing with them as a pair and acting in tandem, you can overcome everything! So choose the game you and your friend like the most and have fun together!
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